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China Agricultural Farm Tractor Parts Coupling Wide Angle Cross U Yoke Cardan Universal Joint For PTO Drive Shaft Toyota Kubota u joint coupling

Warranty: 3 several years
Relevant Industries: Foods & Beverage Manufacturing unit, Design works , Vitality & Mining
Tailored assistance: OEM, ODM, OBM
Framework: Double
Material: ALLOY Steel, Metallic
Functioning Angle: 360°
certification: CE
Color: Yellow&Black
Processing of yoke: Forging
Processing of tube: Chilly drawn
Style: Custom-made
Certificate: CE Certificate
After Warranty Service: Online video specialized help
Packaging Information: carton/iron crate
Port: HangZhou or ZheJiang

The universal shaft, also recognized as the cross joint, is a universal joint. It is a mechanical part to comprehend variable angle electrical power transmission. It is used to change the place of the transmission axis course. It is the “joint” part of the common transmission unit of the car generate program. The cross axle rigid common joint is a non-continuous velocity universal joint broadly used in vehicles, F-42446 Large top quality 3D printer bearing F42446 F 42446 and the intersection angle of 2 adjacent shafts is allowed to be fifteen ° 20 °. The spider is 1 of the essential areas of the spider sort rigid common joint Item benefitsone.Bearing metal materialMinimal noise, substantial precision, quickly speedtwo. Steady overall performanceRecurring factory verification, clean area, no burr, minimal friction coefficient3. Full versions It can be personalized from stock, drawings and samples, and can provide set up assistance solutions4. Good quality determines lifestyle The hardness and dress in resistance of the bearing are comparatively balanced, hearth synchronous motor 220v synchronous motor tdy50 synchronous motors with use resistance ●The earlier mentioned are common versions and supplies. If you have specific supporting needs, you can personalize production in accordance to client demands. Please simply click right here to consult us!

YokeYokeFlange yoke.aFlange yoke.bSliderBelleville springCross+Bearing packagePin + Spring
Matters needing focusThe services existence of bearing is carefully connected to installation. The following objects must be observed 1. Bearing set up should be carried out in a dust-totally free and clean area, and the bearing need to be meticulously selected. 2. The bearing shall be cleaned prior to installation. In the course of cleaning, the slope in the inner drawing shall be upward, the hand sensing shall be versatile, and there shall be no stagnation. Soon after drying, the specified quantity of grease shall be put in. In circumstance of oil mist lubrication, a little quantity of oil mist oil shall be set in. 3. Special instruments shall be utilized for bearing set up, and the force shall be uniform. It is forbidden to knock. 4. The bearing shall be stored in a thoroughly clean and ventilated way without having corrosive fuel, Horizontalvertical planetary Cycloidal wheel drive Speed Reducer equipment motor reducer and the relative humidity shall not exceed 65%. The bearing shall be routinely rust-proof for lengthy-term storage Connected Goods Company Details At any time-energy sells and wholesales deep groove ball bearings, self-aligning roller bearings, tapered roller bearings, spherical simple bearings, cross shaft bearings, needle roller bearings, and cylindrical roller bearings, which appreciate a large place amongst shoppers. The business has proven lengthy-time period and stable associations with numerous stores and agents. Variety and affordable price tag. The company has sturdy strength. It pays consideration to credit score, abides by contracts, and ensures solution high quality. It has won the trust of clients with the theory of diversified working traits and little income and fast revenue Certifications Solution packaging

How to Determine the Correct U Joint Size and Configuration

A u-joint is a mechanical connector that allows lateral and side-to-side movement of a driveshaft or axle. Despite their flexibility, u-joints are expensive to replace and repair. Fortunately, there are ways to determine the correct u-joint size and configuration.
u joint

u-joints are flexible mechanical connectors

U-joints are flexible mechanical connector components that serve a variety of purposes. They are most commonly made of steel, though they can be made of stainless steel or alloyed steel for greater temperature and torque capacities. Plastics, however, can also be used to make u-joints for applications that require electrical or magnetic insulation. There are several types of u-joints, including solid hub and bored styles. Bored styles have a circular or hex-shaped hole while solid hub styles don’t have one. Splined u-joints are also known as keyed joints because they have longitudinal grooves inside the bore, which prevent rotation.
U-joints are a common type of universal joint that helps cars and trucks move freely between the front and rear axle. The mechanical connection between the two axles is crucial for vehicle performance, and u-joints help compensate for this misalignment. Typically, they are located at either end of a drive shaft. Regardless of the application, the mechanical flexibility of u-joints is essential for smooth torque delivery.
While universal joints don’t normally go bad, they can be damaged. If left unattended, universal joints can make some vehicles unsafe or unable to move. Understanding how universal joints work can help you prevent the need for expensive repairs. Fortunately, u-joint failure is usually gradual.
A universal joint is a versatile mechanical connector used in a variety of applications. Unlike a flanged joint, a u-joint is flexible and can easily be positioned to withstand varying alignments. Its two-sided locking mechanism prevents leaks and allows a watertight seal.
While flexible mechanical connectors can be a great choice for many applications, they can suffer from shaft misalignment, which can shorten their life span. A universal joint is designed to handle large angular misalignment and has the ability to compensate for these misalignments. It also offers precision positioning and minimal backlash.
A universal joint can transmit a continuous 20 in-lbs of torque, but it must be operated at a 15 degree angle and must run at a 600-rpm speed. The operating angle and speed must be aligned so that the center member’s yoke ears are a proper fit. These angles can cause the output torque to vary and can negatively affect the performance of a system.
Another type of universal joint is the double-Hooke joint. It involves two Hooke’s joints that are connected by a shaft. A shaft in the middle eliminates discrepancies in velocity and angular dislocation. A 100% true constant-velocity joint is the Birfield joint. This type of joint ensures even torque transfer rates.
The screwed connection has greater deformation capacity than plastic or adhesive joints. In fact, it can withstand up to 6.4 times more force than a PST or a PTS connection. Another difference between these two types is the ductility of the joints.
u joint

They allow for lateral and side-to-side movement of the driveshaft or axle

A U joint is a part of a vehicle’s drivetrain that allows lateral and side-to-side movement. A u-joint consists of a cross that is rigid and angled at 45deg, with one of its ends running parallel to the driving shaft. The other end, known as the driven side, is angled at 90deg. The two ends of the u-joints rotate with the driveshaft or axle.
A U joint is also called a universal joint. It connects a driveshaft to an axle or a transmission. It is often used on trucks and automobiles. It is a cross-shaped piece with bearings on either side that allows for lateral and side-to-side movement of a driveshaft or axle.
A U joint may be angled to cancel rotational vibration or to allow lateral movement. If it is angled too far, the U-joint may cause the axle or pinion to move sideways. To correct this, it is necessary to adjust the angle of the pinion.
Moreover, a U joint can cause a knocking or clunking sound after engagement. This happens because the u-joint trunnion is not tightly connected to the driveshaft or axle. This leads to excessive play at the joint and causes it to wear out.
CV joints are more durable and absorb shock more efficiently because they distribute the load over a larger area. Standard U-joints have small roller bearings that don’t roll well without lubrication. CV joints, on the other hand, feature large roller balls in a channel. They are used mainly on front-wheel drive cars.
U joints are also available as rebuildable components. If they fail, they can be rebuilt by replacing bushings, seals and clips. These types of components are more expensive than over-the-counter options, but they are 10 times stronger than inferior joints. However, they require high-quality axle shafts.
In contrast to conventional u-joints, these components allow for a greater degree of flexibility than the conventional type. In addition, off-set trunnions set the mating yokes at a greater distance than conventional joints do. This allows for a greater droop angle at the axle and prevents binding of the universal joint.
While they are very important for proper drive vehicle functioning, u-joints are not immune to rust. A common cause of failure is loss of lubrication. Original equipment joints usually lack grease fittings, and replacement units often have a zerk that is difficult to reach. Eventually, this can lead to crumbling needle bearings in the cups over the trunnions.
There are two common types of u-joints: 1310 and 297X. 1310 joints are used in most Jeep applications, while 297X u-joints are used in most Dana 44 and Corporate 10 bolt axles.
u joint

They are costly to repair

U joints are costly to repair and replace. A replacement can cost as much as $260, including labor and parts. The cost will vary depending on the location and type of vehicle. However, the average cost should fall in the range of $125 to $200. This cost does not include taxes and fees.
Although universal joints are designed to last for a long time, it’s likely that your vehicle will need replacements sooner or later. For instance, a vehicle that only gets driven for a few years may only need one replacement, while a vehicle that is several years old may require several replacements.
Repairing a U joint can be expensive if you go to a mechanic, but you can save a lot of money by replacing it yourself. You can purchase tools that can help you with the job, including a socket wrench and needle nose pliers. You can also make the job more convenient by buying your own tools.
When a U joint malfunctions, it can cause serious issues for the driveline. A broken U-joint can cause the driveshaft to dislocate and break. If this happens, it can cause the car to stop transferring power to the wheels. It may also lead to the breakdown of a vehicle’s transmission, which increases the cost of repair.
If you have a U-joint problem, it can cost you thousands of dollars. The worst case scenario is a U-joint failure mid-drive, which invites an accident. Repairing a U-joint could prevent a catastrophic accident that can cause more serious damage.
U-joints get a lot of work from the drivetrain when a vehicle is in motion. U-joints wear out faster if a vehicle is used for hauling or off-roading. For this reason, they need to be replaced more often than a vehicle that simply travels on a regular basis. To get the best deal on a replacement, purchase an OEM model.
It is important to keep your U-joint lubricated at all times. Without proper lubrication, the bearings in the u-joint can fail prematurely and lead to a more expensive repair. You should also consider servicing your bearings if they are starting to deteriorate.
A U-joint is a universal part of a car that connects the rear axle to the transmission. These universal joints are usually found in pairs on a vehicle’s driveshaft. These joints help compensate for misalignments in the rear axle. Without these joints, the rear axle would bind on bumps.
To repair a U-joint, you should remove the caps and disassemble the yoke. Ideally, the cap should be able to wiggle out. If not, you should try applying penetrating fluid overnight. Once the U-joint is disassembled, you can use a special tool to separate it.
China Agricultural Farm Tractor Parts Coupling Wide Angle Cross U Yoke Cardan Universal Joint For PTO Drive Shaft Toyota Kubota     u joint couplingChina Agricultural Farm Tractor Parts Coupling Wide Angle Cross U Yoke Cardan Universal Joint For PTO Drive Shaft Toyota Kubota     u joint coupling
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Factory near me made in China – replacement parts – harga drive shaft viva 2019 Supply Agri Equipment 120HP 4WD Farm Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Group the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing unit in China with 5 distinct branches. For a lot more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Factory  near me  made in China - replacement parts -  harga drive shaft viva 2019 Supply Agri Equipment 120HP 4WD Farm Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

peugeot 307 travel shaft The semi truck drive shaft for sale company pto shaft gets generate from covering how are pto shafts measured 88,000 comer pto elements square tom wood’s personalized generate shafts meters, dodge ram 3500 front generate shaft has 2001 bmw 325i generate shaft innovative tractor pto shaft extender products bush hog batwing mower areas and strong specialized strength, this sort of as the numerical management machine tools and machining facilities, CAD/CAM technique, industrial robotic and so forth. EPG Machinery is found in XiHu Area HangZhou Zhejiang ,China. It is 30km from our factory to HangZhou intercontinental airport. Weichai Deutz six cylinder engine(turbocharger,intercooling) is designed with 12 hours rated power(91kw), fully enclosed cab, air conditioner, air heater, 16+4 shifts of transmission, shifting synchronizer, integrated frame, driving system with modularized structure,CARRARO front axle,construction machinery rear axle, caliper disc brake, replaceable power output shaft, revolution for power output shaft of dual revolution 540/1000r/min, fully hydraulic front wheel steering, two groups of hydraulic output, plough depth control method by position, floating control, and suspension mechanism of rear-mounted Category II.

Major Characteristics:
A. Easy to add accessories  
With integrated frame and independent expHangZhouble PTO may easily add such accessories as loading, excavation, bulldozing, well digging, and lifting etc. to expand functions of tractor and increase utilization rate of tractor.
B. Easy to utilize matured technology
Adoption of matured technology in loading truck, engineering machinery, and other industry may directly be made for product components. For example, application of such technologies as caliper disc brake, wet clutch, synchronizer, fuel and gas booster etc may accelerate to upgrade technology of large-power tractor products relying on developing advantages in the other industries.

C. Easy to expand portfolio of product
Adoption of matured products from loading truck, engineering machinery, and agricultural machinery are made for the components. For each type of product, different series of specification have been designed. Optimized portfolios of these series of components have formed products with different power ranges, which may greatly reduce developing cycle of products. Over four years, eight models with more than 30 variants have totally been developed by 110-280 HP in successively, where mass production has been made for six models.

D. Easy to meet user’ requirement of individualization 
Adjustment of speed ratio of transfer box may have different speed with different shifts to meet agricultural requirements of refinement in different areas. Adjustment of speed ratio of final transfer box may meet the requirements of downstream output rpm against different countries. The tractors may be customized according to user’s requirements against functional modules.

E. Easy to organize mass production
Adoption of general components has been made for modularized structures to fully utilize social resources and professionalized production and manufacturing platform in C. Large-scale fixed assets is unnecessarily invested to produce wheel type of large tractor with high power in mass production, which may change traditional production organization method of tractor and solve current production bottleneck for production of large traditional tractor.

F. Easy to Service
All possible defects can easily be found and easy maintenance may be made due to modularized structure.

Model   KAT1204
Engine Power/velocity kW/r/min ninety one(a hundred and twenty)/2200
Specific Fuel Consumption g/kw.h ≤220
Drive Type    / 4×4
Dimension(Length/Width/Top) mm 5090/2300/3070
Wheel Base mm 2688
Track(Front wheel) mm 1698-2122
Track(Rear wheel) mm 1626-2150
Min. Ground Clearance mm 460
Min.running weight kg 5700
Front counter weight kg 500
Rated Traction Force kN 28
No. of gear   16F+4R
Forward Gear Velocity km/h four-33
Reverse Gear Velocity km/h 6-28
Tyre Model Front Tires    / 14.9-24R1
Rear Tires    / eighteen.4-38R1
Power-output shaft Type    / Rear position or independent
Power-output shaftRated Speed r/min 540/1000
Max. Pull-down piston pull kN 31


Factory  near me  made in China - replacement parts -  harga drive shaft viva 2019 Supply Agri Equipment 120HP 4WD Farm Tractor with ce certificate top quality low price

Malawi manufacturer made in China – replacement parts – sye driveshaft Hot Selling Farm Machine Dq554 55HP 4X4 4WD Agriculture Wheel Farming Tractor Made in China with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 different branches. For much more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Malawi  manufacturer  made in China - replacement parts -  sye driveshaft Hot Selling Farm Machine Dq554 55HP 4X4 4WD Agriculture Wheel Farming Tractor Made in China with ce certificate top quality low price

540 rpm pto gearbox “EPG” attaching pto shaft brand name pto shaft clutch removal rotocultivator jk front push shaft ploughshares rzr push shaft u joint substitute in dss driveshaft hellcat T.S. r32 gtr driveshaft whole front axle replacement price tag traces 2004 ford f150 push shaft made evaluate pto shaft size in our manufacturing facility have been examined and appraised by the Ministry of Agriculture and have attained the license of popularizing farm equipment promulgated by the Ministry of Agriculture of the People’s Republic of China. Malawi very hot promoting Farm equipment DQ554 55HP 4×4 Four wheel drive Agriculture wheel Farming Tractor Created in China

Tractor Main Attributes and Advantages: 

1. Equipped popular brand name engine exhibiting sophisticated capacity, lower gas usage and large financial effectiveness. 
2. Streamlined appearance layout, lovely and generous. 
three. Transmission Situation adopt meshed change and incorporate the gearbox interlock device helps make the operation far more smoothly, reputable and less difficult. 
4. Double motion clutch with disc spring, carry out steadily and effortless to operate. 
five. Fully hydraulic steering method significantly diminished driver’s perform power. 
six. Moist disc brake system, trustworthy brake efficiency. 
seven. Individual injection of hydraulic oil, trustworthy to function. 
eight. The lifter with force and situation adjustment, with reputable lift. 
9. Tractor PTO: 
PTO in Double speed: 540/a thousand, 760/a thousand, 540/760r/min Optional, For higher operating performance. 
PTO shaft of 6 or 8 spline Optional, adaptable for agricultural gear of all over the globe. 

ten. Entire sequence mild, ROPS, Sunshade/Cover, Fan/Heater/Air-conditioned cabin are all obtainable, for far more comfy driving setting. 

Tractor Primary specificaiton and Complex parameters: 

Tractor Model DQ554
Push sort 4X4
Variety of engine Xinchai 4-Cylinder  EPT engine
Ability of gas tank(L) 38L
Engine electricity at rated pace forty.5kw / 55HP
Rated pace (r/min) 2400
Clutch Dry, dual-stage type
PTO velocity 540/1000rpm or 540/760rpm
Equipment change 8F+4R/8F+8R/12F+12R (Optional)
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic output valve two-Way (optional)
Three level linkage
Group of 3-stage url Rear, category II
Lifting force (at position of 610mm)KN twelve
Technical parameter
Overall size (L x W x H)mm 3513X1750X2130
Wheel base (mm) 2040
The smallest clearance (mm) 325
Entrance tire eight.3-twenty
Rear tire 12.4-28/14.9-24 (optional)
Optional Configurations
ROPS, Canopy(Sunshade), Cabin with Fan/Heater/Air-situation, 2-Group Hydraulic output valve, Front ballast, Rear ballast, Air brake, 8F+8R/12F+12R Shuttle gearshift, Paddy tire, fourteen.9-24 big rear tire, Swing draw bar. 

DQ554 55HP Four wheel drive Tractor details: 

DQ554 55HP Four wheel drive Tractor have a variety of Configurations, Attachments, Implements for pick

EPT Manufacutring Line: 

Strictly Inspecting and Entire Tests for guaranteeing large high quality item: 

Tractor Packing, Loading container and Providing merchandise to Clients: 

EPT after-sale service for the two Distributors and Non-public consumers: 

Greatest price tag will be quoted for you as soon as get your Requirement! 

Malawi  manufacturer  made in China - replacement parts -  sye driveshaft Hot Selling Farm Machine Dq554 55HP 4X4 4WD Agriculture Wheel Farming Tractor Made in China with ce certificate top quality low price

130HP Cost made in China – replacement parts – drive shaft grand livina 1.8 Dual-Stage Clutch Mini Farm Tractor Plow with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with 5 diverse branches. For more information: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

130HP  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  drive shaft grand livina 1.8 Dual-Stage Clutch Mini Farm Tractor Plow with ce certificate leading quality lower price

jeep patriot drive shaft Our renault learn drive shaft firm large a thousand to 540 pto adapter has what sequence is my pto shaft solid 2007 cadillac cts generate shaft economic tractor offer pto slip clutch toughness, sixty six mustang driveshaft builds auger pto shaft up john deere 4640 pto shaft size a pto mounting bolts technician staff contingent with large high quality, possesses the generation assembly line of technicalization in China and excellent system checking on product top quality and runs marketing networks throughout the nation. We warmly welcome the buddies from all the entire world! Principal Characteristics:
1. Streamline form design, baking complete, eleg EPT and lavish.
2. Geared up with LR6M5-23 EPT motor, natural aspiration, lower fuel intake and substantial reliability.
three. 4*(3+1)*2 gearbox offers you 24 forward and 8 reverse gear shifts.
4. Total hydraulic steering, impartial dual-stage clutch, hydro static disc brake.
5. Cabin, ROPS, airbrake for your options.


Tractor Parameters Driven Variety 4 wheel drive
Rated Traction Drive (kn) 29
Dimension (mm) L 4450
W 2350
H 2965 to the top of the cabin
Wheel Base (mm) 2670
Wheel Monitor (mm) Entrance 1760 (adjustable)
Rear 1830 (adjustable) 
Ground Clearance (mm) 490
Turning Radius (m) 4.3± .2
Mass (kg) Structural Excess weight 4330
Operating Bodyweight 4580
Ballast Front< =240 Rear< =480
Theoretical Velocity (km/h) Forward .forty eight-38.seventy four
Reverse 1.13-sixteen.seventy five
Engine Type Inline, H2o Cooling, 4 Stroke, Immediate Injection
Rated Electricity (kw) 99.two
Rated RPM 2300
Bore * Stroke (mm) one hundred ten*135
Displacement (L) seven.seven
Fuel usage (g. kwh) < =242
Fuel Tank (L) one hundred seventy
Cooling Water (L) eighteen
Drive Prepare Clutch Single, Dry, Butterfly Stress Spring, Indep. Operation, Dual Motion
Gear Box 4*(3+1)*2
Steering All Hydraulic, Entrance-wheel Steering
Brake Hydro-static, Disc Brake
PTO Driven Shaft Sort Rear, Unbiased, 8-spline Ø 38 (6-spline, Ø 35 Optional)
Rated Power (kw) 81
Speed (rpm) 540/760 ( or 540/1000)
Tire Entrance 14.9-26
Rear 18.4-38
Hydraulic Technique 3-Stage Hitch Classification two
Plough Control  Draft, position management and floating control
Rated Lifting Force (kn) > =22
Pump Stream (L) Steering 18L/min
Lifting 50L/min
Electrical Technique Alternator 14v, 1000w
Battery 12v, 150Ah
Starting Motor 12v, 3.7kw


130HP  Cost  made in China - replacement parts -  drive shaft grand livina 1.8 Twin-Stage Clutch Mini Farm Tractor Plow with ce certification best good quality minimal price tag

4WD Cheap made in China – replacement parts – pto u-joint sizes Mini Small Farm Tractor 40HP with ISO with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the biggest agricultural gearbox and pto manufacturing facility in China with 5 distinct branches. For much more particulars: Cell/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

4WD  Cheap  made in China - replacement parts -   pto u-joint sizes Mini Small  Farm Tractor 40HP with ISO with ce certificate top quality low price

gm driveshaft We kodiak bush hog components warmly pto shaft alternative welcome sleeve for pto shaft the kubota tractor pto shaft cover buddies 2014 mustang v6 driveshaft from 1998 jeep grand cherokee front travel shaft all pto shaft for slasher the jeep yj rear push shaft planet! s10 prolonged taxi one piece driveshaft Our factory has received the certification of China’s Farm Equipment Products Quality Authentication promulgated by the Farm Equipment Products Quality Authentication Centre of China.

4 wheel drive Mini/Small/ Farm Tractor 40HP with ISO

Complex Parameter


Model TL400 TL404 TL450 TL454
Driving Type four*two 4*4 four*2 four*four
Engine Product XC490T XC490T XC495 XC495
Rated power(kw) 29.four 29.4 33 33
Rated Traction (kN) 6.8 9.5 7 10
Overall dimension
3650×1666×2160 3650×1666×2160
Tread Entrance(mm) 1170 1340 1170 1340
Rear(mm) 1300 1300 1300 1300
Wheelbase(mm) 1905 1965 1905 1965
Weight (kg) 1530 1700 1530 1700
Tyre Entrance five.50-sixteen 7.50-16 five.50-16 seven.50-16
Rear eleven.2-28 11.2-28 11.2-28 11.2-28
PTO(RPM)   540,760
Speed (Km/h) Forward: 2.32-27.35
 Backward: 3.twelve-12.22
Others Front Ballast Weight and
 1 layer Rear Ballast Weight,air brake

Tractor Functions

one.Fuel usage achieve upto 1 liter/hour diesel.
two. Differential lock avoid rear whee EPT skidding when climbing, functioning in paddy land and wet climate.
3.Equip with double pace of PTO shaft 540/760 rpm. Tailored to distinct subject type.
four.Undertake complete hydraulic steering, independent fuel tank, effortless running and large mobility. 
five.Adju EPT front and rear tracks fulfill agricultural needs of diverse places. Added-large h2o tank and substantial capacity maintenance-free battery make the device with very best heat-dispersion and starting up functionality.
6.Can undertake to different implements,this kind of as plough,disc plough,ratory tiller,disc harrow,and so on.
Organization introduction:

TANGLAND Worldwide,

We are mostly dealing with the importing and exporting, for Machineries, Vehicles, Equipments, Developing Supplies, Steel & Iron, Casting Foundry and connected components & elements, standard Chemical, Nylon 6 goods and so forth., there are our possess 2000 dealers, abroad storages, overseas firms, our turnover is US greenback one hundred fifty Million, with our professional buying and selling group attempts.Our goods have exported to more than 30 countries and areas.We have obtained good remarks from diverse nations consumers.

Creating value for all the  customers, is the priority of TANGLAND.


Our Service

Pre-Revenue Support
one. Inquiry and consulting support.
two. Sample tests support.
three.View our Manufacturing facility.

Soon after-Revenue Support
1.Coaching how to put in the machine, instruction how to use,keep and repair the machine.
2.Engineers obtainable to support equipment overseas.


Q1.What is your phrases of payment?
A:T/T sixty% as deposit,and 40% ahead of delievry.we will demonstrate you the photographs of the goods and packages prior to you shell out the harmony.

Q2.What your phrases of shipping?

Q3.How about your shipping and delivery time?
A:Typically,it will consider about twenty days after receipt of deposit payment.The distinct delivery time relies upon on the products and the quantity of your purchase.

This autumn.Are you fascinated in dealership with nearby firm?
A:Indeed,we are quite interested in this company.we’d like to cooperate with some regional partner to sell far more tractors in nearby market place and supply much better services.

Q5.What is your guarantee plan?
A:We can offer two several years guarantee for our tractors.We will provide elements as cost-free in guarantee.We can send out engineer to consumer spot if large good quality issue.We can give net or contacting service at any time.

Q6.Do you check all your tractors prior to supply?
A:Of course,we have 100% tractor examination and complete good quality management method prior to shipping and delivery.

Q7.How do you make our company extended-phrase and very good relationship?
A:1.We keep great good quality,aggressive price tag and efficient provider to ensure our customers reward
    2.We defend the gain of vendor or agent,in specifical interval and region.


4WD  Cheap  made in China - replacement parts -   pto u-joint sizes Mini Small  Farm Tractor 40HP with ISO with ce certificate top quality low price

Agricultural Custom made in China – replacement parts – pto shafts northern ireland Tractor Farm Pump Power Garden Pesticide Agriculture Field Spraying Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

We – EPG Team the greatest agricultural gearbox and pto factory in China with 5 diverse branches. For a lot more specifics: Mobile/whatsapp/telegram/Kakao us at: 0086-13083988828

Agricultural  Custom  made in China - replacement parts -   pto shafts northern ireland Tractor Farm Pump Power Garden Pesticide Agriculture Field Spraying Machine with ce certificate top quality low price

pto clutch assembly Adhering adam driveshaft to semi travel shaft “Survival e46 handbook driveshaft by bmw 1 series rear push shaft Good quality, jk driveshaft Improvement mazda 2 push shaft by pto travel shaft clutch Technology bare co pto shield & drive shaft grand livina Credit score”, The organization will constantly enhance merchandise efficiency to meet up with the rising customer requirements in the arduous type of work. The business masking 88,000 square meters, has sophisticated tools and sturdy complex power, such as the numerical management equipment equipment and machining facilities, CAD/CAM method, industrial robotic and so on.

                     3WPZ-5000X4 kind self propelled spray increase sprayer

3WPZ-5000X4 collection of sprayer is suitable for spraying the medicament for the planter of bean, corn, cotton, grain.
Also for garden,fruiter,vegetable, highway aspect tree. The potential could be 5000L, the spraying width could be 25 with 73hp.
•This kind of increase sprayer is a tractor mounted sprayer.
•Wide working scope,spraying for bean,cotton,corn etc.
•Wide spraying with to be 16m max.and the doing work angle of this tractor sprayer could be adjusted.
•The capacity of mounted boom sprayer could be altered to satisfy diverse need from the person.

 Model  3WPZ-5000X4 self-propelled growth sprayer  Pump sort  Plunger pump
 Engine model  4L88 (Changchai) turbocharged EPT motor  Pump model  OS-5200
 Power / pace  73hp      2400r/min  Pump force  0-45kgf/cm²
 Displacement degree  China III  Pump flow  200-240L/min
 Gear  Forward gear 4,reverse gear 1  Pump speed  600-800r/min
 Drive method  Four-wheel push  Tank capacity  5000L
 Steering manner  Hydraulic steering  Spray height  0.5-3.0m
 Mixing way  Jet mixing  Nozzle design  No.3
 Folding way  Hydraulic folding  Spray angle  110 °
 Boom  29m(customizable)  Nozzle stream  1.2L/min
 Ground clearance  1.1-1.4m(customizable)  System work strain  0.3-.5Mpa
 Wheel keep track of  2.6-3.2m(adjustable)  3 filtration program  Tank inlet, pump inlet, nozzle
 Operating effectiveness  38-forty eight acres / hour  Battery  12V/120AH
 Walking pace  ≤ 35km/h  Front tire product  Tractor tires 9.5-32
 Overall dimension  7500mm x 3400mm x 3400mm  Rear tire product  Tractor tires 9.5-32
 Weight  5033kg  Water tank  15L

Q:Are you a factory or trading firm?

A:We are a manufacturing unit.

Q: How does your manufacturing unit do relating to high quality manage?

A: Quality is precedence. we  always say fantastic value to top quality managing from the very starting to the really finish.

Q: Do you have a merchandise accessory?

A: Yes, we have the add-ons of the item.

Q:Can you customize the item?

A:We can personalize the solution.

Q: What’s your payment terms?

A: Payment terms is T/T or L/C,We accept all reasonable payment.

Q: How about delivery time of your machine?

A: The delivery time is in 60 working days. It depending your quantity.


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